Director of Research / Senior Researcher
Legacies of collaboration, WWI
+31 (0)20-5233800

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Dr. Ismee Tames (1976) is director of research an senior researcher. Since July 2015 she also endowed professor at the University Utrecht. The Stichting 1940-1945 (Foundation 1940-1945), has established a this special chair in collaboration with Utrecht University. Entitled Stichting 1940-1945: geschiedenis en betekenis van verzet tegen onderdrukking en vervolging (Foundation 1940-1945: history and meaning of resistance against oppression and prosecution).

She project leader of Very ordinary or quite special? New views on people in the resistance during the German occupation of the Netherlands 1940-1945 and prepares new research program under the provisional title Liminal moments from peace to war.

Between 2009 and 2013 she was project coordinator of Legacies of Collaboration: The exclusion and integration of former national socialist milieus in Dutch society. Prior to this project she published Besmette jeugd (Contaminated youth) on the children of Dutch Nazi-collaborators in the post war years (April 2009).

Tames has further more published on the First World War (dissertation), neutrality, small nations and Dutch-German relations. She writes both for an academic public and a wider audience.

DissertationOorlog voor onze gedachten. Oorlog, neutraliteit en identiteit in het Nederlandse publieke debat, 1914-1918 (Hilversum; 2006).