3 March 2020

We cordially invite you to the Book Launch of, and Symposium on, The Politics of Heritage in Indonesia: A Cultural History (Cambridge, CUP, 2020) written by Marieke Bloembergen and Martijn Eickhoff.

Date & venue:
Tuesday 3 March 2020, 15.00 h-17.00 h
The Pavilion of  the Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, Steenstraat 1.
(NB: The Pavilion is located behind the Museum’s main building)

About the book
The monograph The Politics of Heritage in Indonesia. A Cultural History offers a new approach to the history of sites, archaeology, and heritage formation in Asia, at both the local and the trans-regional levels. Starting at Hindu-Buddhist, Chinese, Islamic, colonial, and prehistoric heritage sites in Indonesia, the focus is on people’s encounters and the knowledge exchange taking place across colonial and post-colonial regimes. Objects are followed as they move from their site of origin to other locations. The ways in which the meaning of these objects transformed as they moved away to other sites reveal their role in parallel processes of heritage formation outside Indonesia. Calling attention to the power of the material remains of the past, Marieke Bloembergen and Martijn Eickhoff explore questions of knowledge production, the relationship between heritage and violence, and the role of sites and objects in the creation of national and transnational histories.

At the symposium organized for this book launch, three speakers, experts in related fields, will, in reaction to the book, explore the relationships between (post-)colonial heritage politics and, respectively, violence, religion, and the current debate on restitution of colonial objects.

14.30: Walk-in / tea and coffee
15.00: David Kloos (KITLV), chair and moderator: Welcome
15.05: Marieke Bloembergen (KITLV / Leiden University) and Martijn Eickhoff (NIOD / University of Groningen): An introduction in encounters
15.15: Grace Leksana (KITLV): Heritage formation and violence
15.30: Irene Stengs (Meertens Instituut / Free University): Heritage formation and religion
15.45: Pieter ter Keurs (Leiden University): Heritage formation and restitution
16.00: Discussion
17.00: Refreshments at café Van der Werff

The monographis one of the results of the project Sites, Bodies and Stories: The Dynamics of Heritage Formation in Colonial and Postcolonial Indonesia and the Netherlands, funded by NWO.

More information
For more information about the monograph, see the Cambridge University Press website.

Seats are limited. Please register if you wish to attend the symposium: