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Debating Holocaust and Colonial Memory Culture: Historikerstreit 2.0

On Thursday 29 June, the Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam is organising a lecture in which German historian Michael Wildt will talk about Holocaust memorial culture. Afterwards, NIOD director Martijn Eickhoff will provide commentary, including Dutch perspectives on the debate.

In 2021, a heated debate ignited what the Australian historian A. Dirk Moses called “The German Catechism.” Moses criticized the German consensus on the uniqueness of the Holocaust. While defending this uniqueness, comparisons with other genocides are often not taken into account. Moses depicted German intellectuals as “high priests” who by all means defend their ideas. Simultaneously, they tend to overlook the colonial context of German atrocities in Eastern Europe, as well as wider debates on a variety of memory cultures. In his lecture, historian Michael Wildt sheds light on this new “Historikerstreit.”

You can register for the lecture on SPUI25's website.

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