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U.S. Army helicopter sprays Agent Orange over agricultural land during the Vietnam War (National Archives: 111-CC-59948, public domain)
Activity theme

NIOD Actueel – Climate Change and Violence

On April 18, from 12:30-14:00, NIOD hosted an online discussion on the dynamics between climate change and violence. The relationship between climate change and conflict is a global problem that manifests itself differently in different regions around the world.

NIOD-researchers shared their perspectives on this problem based on their own expertise and their work as academic researchers. During this online gathering, Ismee Tames, Uğur Üngör, Dat Nguyen and Tâm Ngô shared their insights on academia and activism, the challenges of climate change and conflict in the Middle East as a result of drought and desertification, and environmental pollution caused by war. Hinke Piersma introduced the theme and the participants, Anne van Mourik was in charge of the moderation. 

Watch the discussion

You can watch the discussion back via this link (Youtube).

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