Since 2003 NIOD, in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, has been offering the Master track Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Each year dozens of students follow this track.

After obtaining their masters degree many of them pursue a career in research, journalism, and the public or private sector. The Alumni Circle Holocaust and Genocide Studies (HGS) is an informal network to keep in touch and exchange experiences. 

Each year NIOD organises various activities for the alumni, such as Meet and Greets with international guests or other meetings where former students can learn more about new academic research and developments in the field.

The Alumni Circle HGS is part of the Amsterdamse Universiteits-Vereniging (AUG). The board consists of: Renske Krimp (chair), Martine van den Heuvel and Tom Reijner, with support from Barbara Boender.

Do you want to join?

Former students of the Master track Holocaust and Genocide Studies can join the Alumni Circle HGS by becoming a member of the Amsterdamse Universiteits-Vereniging.

You can also follow the Alumni circle HGS on LinkedIn and Facebook.