Throughout the years NIOD has collected a considerable amount of newspaper and magazine clippings. Our clippings collection - with keyword categories - offers an excellent introduction to a range of topics.

The collection has three sub-collections:

  1. Sub-collection KA, with clippings from the period 1933-1945, originally collected by the HQ of the "Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging".
  2. Sub-collection KB, with clippings from the period 1945-present, collected by NIOD, about NIOD research and related topics. It contains Dutch, German, French, British and American articles and is regularly updated.
  3. Sub-collection KC is similar to KB, but focuses on the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia.

Every sub-collection is divided into folders on persons (part 1) and folders on topics (part 2).

Between 2012-2016 only clippings from NRC, Trouw, De Volkskrant, Het Parool, De Groene Amsterdammer and Vrij Nederland are added. In 2017 the NIOD stop adding clippings.

The clippings can be requested and consulted in our reading room.

Please note that articles from professional history journals on the Second World War can be found in NIOD's library collection. The Historical Newspaper website of the National Library contains a large number of digitised Dutch newspapers from the interbellum period, the Second World War and the post-war years.