NIOD offers secondary, vocational and higher education teachers free further training. There are sessions throughout the country in which experts address the themes of war, the Holocaust and other genocides using concrete examples in line with teaching resources. 

Addressing the Holocaust, other genocides and war violence in class requires knowing a lot of facts. Knowledge about the Second World War is often widespread, but usable information about other episodes of mass violence and genocide, tailored to secondary education, is often more difficult to come by. Media reports about ethnic violence or genocide denial raise questions among pupils and teachers and teachers who teach about war and war violence will want to explain instances of genocide.

Further education

NIOD offers teachers guidelines on how to bring these difficult issues to the attention of their pupils. Four times a year NIOD organises further educations sessions in various locations that follow on current themes and questions from the educational field.

Dates and registration

The dates, locations and topics of the further education sessions will be announced on this page. You will also be able to sign up through this page.


Do you have questions or ideas about interesting topics for a further education session? Contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.