The Armenian genocide occurred in the shadow of World War I. From 1915 onwards, the radically nationalistic Turkish government under Enver Pasha and Talaat Pasha persecuted the Armenian minority. Hundreds of thousands of Armenian men, women and children were murdered or perished in exile in the Syrian Desert. Shied away from in Turkish Ottoman and Great War historiography, the Armenian genocide is currently still a controversial political topic in Turkey and elsewhere.

Comics en graphic novels about the Armenian genocide

In comparison to the other genocides illustrated here, the Armenian genocide has been comparatively underrepresented. Partially this can be attributed to its temporal and historical distance from modern life, the recentness of Armenian independence and the reluctance in parts of Turkish political, social and cultural life to come to terms with its legacy. Mostly emerging from a range of non-Armenian international authors and designers, contemporary graphic novels generally focus on feelings of vengeance and revenge. Current representations of this genocide place emphasis on the terror and brutality of the acts themselves, and set them against a backdrop of emergent stereotypes and Turkish and Armenian identity formation.

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