'The Holocaust and other genocides' is richly illustrated. On this page you will find a selection of photos, pictures and news articles that are also included in the book.

Adolf Hitler
Cleaning out the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943
'Das Urteil in Nürnberg'
Deportation from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 20 June 1943
Gas chamber in Auschwitz
Jews flee from a town in Lithuania, 1939
Durchgangslager Westerbork, 1943
Deportation train France
Propaganda poster 'The Jewish conspiracy'
Nuremberg trials. First row: Goering, Hess, Von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Rosenberg, Frank, Frick, Streicher, Funk, Schacht. Second row: Donitz, Raeder, Von Schirach, Sauckel, Jodl, Von Papen, Seyss-Inquart, Speer, Von Neurath and Fritsche
Summons for Westerbork transit camp, the Netherlands
Selection on the platform, extermination camp Auschwitz
Armenian looking at the human remains at Der el-Zor, 1916
Armenian orphans in the desert of Der el-Zor, 1919
Weekly Journal, Moscow, 27 November 1916. 'Victims of Turkish cruelties'
Family of deportees on the road
Children at work during Democratic Kampuchea
Pol Pot, 1978
Photographs of victims that were imprisoned at S-21
Khmer Rouge leader Deuch sentenced by ECCC, 26 July 2010
'Windows of Hope', Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
Interahamwe, 1993
The Rwandan newspaper Kangura
Rwandan ID card
Gacaca Court
Bagosora at Rwanda Tribunal
Serb paramilitaries burn the Croatian flag as they take over a town, Autumn 1991
Survivors of the attack on Srebrenica arrive at a United Nations camp
A member of the Tigers, a Serbian paramilitary group, kicks the dying bodies of the first Muslims to be killed in the war in Bosnia, Spring 1992
Articles in Serbian press: 'Scholarly conference "Genocide of Serbs in the Second World War" completed yesterday in Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences: The Evil is Warning'. '1991: The Evil is repeating, with photos of "Serbian victims"
Wanted for crimes against humanity - 5 million dollar reward
Dr. Raphael Lemkin, 12 September 1948
Ratification of Genocide Convention, 14 October 1950
ICJ Great Hall of Justice, 5 December 2011
The Secretary-General addresses the ICTR Staff, 27 February 2009