Examples of two active National Socialists, two different reactions

Willem Nieuwenhuyse was an NSB member and lived on Kromme Mijdrechtstraat in Amsterdam. He was an active member of the NSB: he wore a badge and a black NSB uniform, and he regularly attended meetings. As a leader, he played an active role in the movement. He was also active in the violent organizations of the NSB, both in the WA, the paramilitary organization of the NSB, and the Landwacht, the National-Socialist police, which was very active in the final year of the occupation.

Nieuwenhuyse was negatively assessed by his neighbor: "Towards residents from the street, he always took a very challenging and provocative attitude and was therefore very hated."

Just down the street lived another active NSB: Hendrik van der Horst. He also wore a badge and went to meetings. His neighbors made statements as well. His downstairs neighbor said: "He behaved like an ordinary man, and he made no propaganda for the NSB around his house."