21 December 2012

The archives of the Jewish Council (Joodsche Raad) in Amsterdam have been digitised and now online available on our website (access nr. 182).

The Jewish Council was established in February 1941 as a Judenrat of prominent members of the Dutch Jewish community that would regulate the implementation of German measures. The Jewish Council archives are among the most frequently used, but at the same time most vulnerable collections at the NIOD. Digitisation contributes to the preservation of one of our top-priority collections and is an important step in preserving the NIOD archives as a whole.

Each document can be studied separately because of the use of a new viewer. For researchers it is now easier to find the digital documents. In the course of 2013 the NIOD aims to offer all publicly available digitised archives through this viewer.

This project is realised thanks to a grant from the Jewish Heritage Programme of the Rothschild Foundation Europe.