12 February 2013

Queen Beatrix has announced to abdicate on 30 April 2013. Due to the German attack "Trix", born on 31 January 1938, was forced to flee to London on 12 May 1940 with her parents and sister Irene. She spent the wartime years under favourable conditions at Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, Canada. On 2 August 1945 she returned to Holland. Captain of the airplane that took her was "Soldaat van Oranje" Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema. 

In occupied Holland photos of princess Beatrix and other members of the Royal House circulated, though forbidden by the Germans. On one of these illegally distributed photos that went from hand to hand a portrait of young Beatrix is depicted, with a scribble underneath: 'Ik kom heusch terug hoor!' ("I will surely return!")

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