28 June 2012

The committees - one for research and one for collections - that have studied and evaluated the work of the NIOD provide a very favourable judgement on the NIOD: "Institute's course is right; it just needs to increase the size and breadth of what it is already doing so well".



In 2011 the board of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) installed two committees to evaluate NIOD, IISH, Meertens Institute and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV). The committees consisted of eminent national and international scientists. Their report has been published and can be consulted online.

NIOD research and the quality of the collections are characterized as "very good to excellent". The committee is very positive about the national and international role the NIOD is playing. The fact that the European Commission has chosen NIOD to carry out the project European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) confirms its international reputation. The NIOD is praised for the succesful transition from documentation to research institute by a clear extension of the research capacity without loosing sight of the importance of the collections.