12 February 2015

During the Spanish Civil War and the following years under the dictatorship of Franco, many thousands of Spanish civilians were murdered because of their political or religious views. Today, relatives who survived these decades often have no clue as to what happened to their loved ones or where their bodies were buried. Every Thursday they gather on the Plaza Puerta del Sol in the Spanish capital Madrid. Holding signs with portraits of their lost family members, these protestors ask for truth, justice and recognition.


Portraits of lost family members by Jehanne van Woerkom

With Memoria Histórica artist Jehanne van Woerkom aims to give prominence to the neglect of the bitter Franco legacy and the thousands of murdered civilians. “I was present during the weekly demonstration on the central square of Madrid: the Plaza Puerta del Sol”, says Van Woerkom. “Similar to the Madres de Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, these family members are looking for truth and justice. I register, listen, ask and try to visualise this drama. The Spanish earth hides a mass grave. We need to break the silence.”

End date exhibition: April 2015
Venue: NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies