25 September 2012

On Thursday 25 October the German-American researcher Guy Stern will provide a lecture at the NIOD on his research on the German Jewish Children's Aid Society. During the nazi-reign this still relatively unknown American organisation saved more than one thousand children from deportation. Stern discovered documents during his research that proofed he was one of these thousand children.

Guy Stern employed by the U.S. Army

Guy Stern was born in Hildesheim in 1922. With the help of an uncle he emigrated to the United States in 1937. His family was deported to the Warsaw getto and was murdered in extermination camp Treblinka.  In 1943 Stern obtained American citizenship and later on participated as a soldier in the invasion of Normandy.

After studying Roman and German language and literature and his promotion he became teacher and lectured at different American universities. Guy Stern published a lot on German literature. Currently he is director of the Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills/Michigan.