9 July 2015

A consortium of six European research institutes including NIOD Institute for War Holocaust and Genocide Studies receives a grant from The Leverhulme Trust for the organization of three academic workshops about 'A Transnational Approach to Resistance in Europe, 1936-1948'.

Resistance Committee in France ask them to volunteer for service in the new army of France

This Network will bring in three workshops leading historians of the Second World War together who are working in specialist research institutes and on parallel projects across Europe in order to confront concepts, methods and evidence in this field. This will produce a new and exciting interpretation of the ‘long’ Second World War between the Spanish Civil War and the onset of the Cold War and make a significant contribution to the practice of transnational history. Professor Robert Gildea from the University of Oxford is initiator and project leader.

A series of three annual workshops will take place, dedicated to complimentary dimensions and milestones of the project.

  • Workshop 1 (March/April 2016), at the Institute for Recent History in Belgrade,  will explore transnational resistance as a phenomenon that emerged among populations that were already on the move.
  • Workshop 2 (March/April 2017), at Centre for War Studies in Dublin, will examine the encounters, exchanges and transfers that took place between transnational resistance in different sites across Europe.
  • Workshop 3  (March/April 2018), at the MEHRC in Oxford, will address questions of the afterlives and memories of transnational resisters.