30 April 2014

The Austrian researcher Nicole Immler start as a Marie Curie Fellow at NIOD, on may 1. Over the next two years, she will do research to Narratives of (In)justice thanks to this prestigious Fellowship. NIOD is very pleased that Immler will contribute with this project to the NIOD research programme Transitional Justice.

Project Narratives of (In)justice

Acknowledging historical injustice has become a major issue in a changing Europe since the End of the Cold War, but also worldwide, visible when the UN proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Reconciliation. Payments made by states to victims of historical injustice have become a common political practice, however, we still know little about how compensation desires are re-narrated across the generations, and how media and public debates shape those narratives of injustice.

In the Netherlands one can study exemplarily how European post-war and post-colonial memories affected each other in the last decade and developed into a new form of claim culture. Therefore this project looks at two Dutch case studies, the payments made to Dutch Jewish victims since 2000 and how these payments became a reference-point for present (post-colonial) claims from descendants of former slaves, Surinamese and Dutch Antilleans.

Analyzing both case studies in a comparative set-up will contribute to the understanding of the imaginations linked to such payments in the postmemory generation, to explore the multidirectionality of memory, and to specify the role of culture in such narratives of injustice.

Nicole Immler

Nicole Immler (1972) studied History, Media an Cultural Science at the University of Graz. She wrote her PHD on Das Familiengedächtnis der Wittgensteins (2005) and worked as a postdoc at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History) in cooperation with Utrecht University.