10 June 2013

On behalf of the NIOD, Director Marjan Schwegman has signed the International Declaration on Archives. This declaration formulated by the International Council on Archives, emphasizes the social importance of archives national and international.

By signing the declaration, NIOD endorses that archives contributing to individual and community memory, Open access to archives enriches our knowledge of human society and the vital necessity of archives for understanding the past, and for documenting the present.

The ICA hopes that archival institutions all over world will work together in order that

  • appropriate national archival policies and laws are adopted and enforced;
  • the management of archives is valued and carried out competently by all bodies, private or public, which create and use archives in the course of conducting their business;
  • adequate resources are allocated to support the proper management of archives, including the employment of trained professionals;
  • archives are managed and preserved in ways that ensure their authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability;
  • archives are made accessible to everyone, while respecting the pertinent laws and the rights of individuals, creators, owners and users;
  • archives are used to contribute to the promotion of responsible citizenship.

More information: website ICA