23 May 2013

The NIOD has voiced its objection to plans from its umbrella organization, the Academy of Sciences, regarding the best direction for the future of NIOD.

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is planning to bring the institute into a Humanities Center which would physically separate the archives from the researchers and other NIOD staff.  The Academy is pushing the NIOD to embrace a mission that focuses on digital technology rather than its core social and scholarly mandate regarding War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

At present, there is no threat to the continuity of the NIOD, and it is in the process of dialoguing with the Academy in the hope of reaching an equitable resolution.

The NIOD will keep you posted on its website.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Acting Director of Research, Dr. Ismee Tames i.tames@niod.knaw.nl, +31(0)205233800 or NIOD spokesman David Barnouw, d.barnouw@niod.knaw.nl, +31(0)654276135

Professor Dr. Marjan Schwegman,
Director NIOD

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences’ plans no longer include physical separation of NIOD archives and researchers, Academy Board  announced on May 24

The NIOD welcomes this change in policy and is willing to discuss any new plans with regard to future collaboration of the various Academy institutes.