19 December 2012

This afternoon, in the debate on the budget of his department, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Timmermans announced that the proposal of three research institutes (KITLV, NIMH and NIOD) to co-finance a comprehensive investigation into Dutch military violence 1945-1950, will not be awarded. Timmermans explained that talks with Indonesia had brought him to the conclusion that Indonesia would not support this research, consequently leading to a lack of the desired international embedding.

KNIL in Batavia

The KITLV, NIMH and NIOD are disappointed. Because of the rejection they will not be able to fill an important gap in the knowledge about a very controversial and for many far-reaching period in Dutch and Indonesian history. For the three scientific institutes the history of Dutch (military) presence overseas remains an important research field. Within the research programmes of the individual institutes they remain to work towards dissemination of knowledge and in-depth expertise relevant to society.

The three institutes wish to express their gratitude for the wide support and many responses they received to the research proposal. These diverse responses show how much the topic still lives within our society and stress once more the importance of an in-depth investigation.