6 June 2012

In his last annual address parting KNAW-president Robbert Dijkgraaf considers the Netherlands to be "an important knowledge network within Europe". He strongly emphasizes that the Netherlands should "embrace the vision of Europe as an age-long knowledge continent" and concludes that scientific cooperation networks in Europe really work. According to Dijkgraaf the NIOD is a good example of an institute that anticipates on the possibilities of European research.

In his speech he mentions the international project European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, of which the NIOD is initiator and coordinator. "Also in other research fields Europe cooperates excellently, also outside the physics discipline. Our own NIOD is involved in a large-scale project that aims to reconstruct individual histories of the Holocaust by connecting different European archives. A bitter reminder of a time when Europe was united in a very horrible way and to the fact that we also share the black pages from our past." 

In his last annual address Robbert Dijkgraaf did not only dwell on Europe. He also focussed on the importance of "useless research" and elaborated on the importance of broadening the societal and political basis for scientific research.