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Save the date: ICMEMO International Museum Conference 2023

Published on 04 May 2023
From November 1 to 5, 2023, ICMEMO's international museum conference will take place in Amsterdam. With the theme "Living with War," the conference will address the question of how museums deal with the traumatic memory of war. And what role current wars and threats play in this.

The international conference offers an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences and establish new collaborations with colleagues from home and abroad. During the conference, we strive for a multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach to the theme "Living with War," in which new insights, stimulating visions, discussion and interaction with the audience form a central part.

On behalf of ICMEMO (International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes), the conference is organised by NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocidestudies, Stichtingen Musea en Herinneringscentra 1940-1945 (SMH 40-45) and Veldberaad WO2.

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