21 February 2013

The famous publication The SS and the Netherlands is now digitally available (English summary from page 1498) on the new website of the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

In 1976 researcher of the NIOD Nanno in 't Veld completed his dissertation about the SS and the Netherlands.

In 't Veld worked on this publication for twenty years. He annotated with precision 700 documents (letters, telexes, notes, reports). The pieces came from the U.S. Berlin Document Center and include correspondence between Himmler and Hanns Albin Rauter. In 't Veld provided a 438-page introduction, which still is one of the most complete introductions of the role of the German SS, Dutch SS and Waffen-SS in occupied Netherlands.

New NIOD website

The English summary can be downloaded on the renewed website of the NIOD. On this new website are more functions available in English.