15 July 2013

NIOD is going to research the history of labour camps in and outside Eur

8 July 2013

The dissertation Nazis in the Netherlands: A Social History of Natio

10 June 2013

On behalf of the NIOD, Director Marjan Schwegman has signed the Internat

13 March 2013

The EHRI project has given its website a makeover.

12 March 2013

As part of the Metamorfoze programme the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal will be digitized.

4 March 2013

NIOD Director Marjan Schwegman holds the Willem Arondéus Lecture on April 16, 2013.

31 January 2013

Iwona Gusc receives a bursary for young researchers in the humanities.

10 January 2013

Romijn is this semester Visiting Professor (Queen Wilhelmina Chair).

21 December 2012

The archives of the Jewish Council (Joodsche Raad) in Amsterdam have been digitised.

20 December 2012

Puck Huitsing will succeed Elly Touwen as Director Collections & Services at the NIOD.

19 December 2012

This afternoon, in the debate on the budget of his department, Secretary


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