Investigation into the role of the NLRC before, during and in the aftermath of World War II.

A study of the Dutch Military Authority during the post-liberation transition period.

This work offers an interdisciplinary approach to the question of loyalty to a repressive regime.

Research into how the Dutch war and resistance museums have shaped memories of the Second World War.

A study about the propaganda of Stalin's Soviet Union during the Second World War.

Investigation into how the phenomenon of political legitimacy operated within occupied Europe.

Research project into the experiences of Dutch inmates at Natzweiler.

A monography about post-war political and personal relationships between camp survivors.

What part did Dutch municipal governments play during the Second World War and what was its purpose?

A biography about Pim Boellaard, a member of the Dutch Resistance, based on personal documentation.

Research project into Dutch jails and prisons during the Second World War.

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