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Since the Dutch publication of The Diaries of Anne Frank in 1986 (with translations in English, German, French, Italian and Japanese) co-author David Barnouw has emerged as a widely recognised authority on Anne Frank and her diaries.

This book addresses some of the following questions:

  • What happened with her diaries?
  • How did the printed version become a world hit?
  • Why is Anne Frank the symbol of the Holocaust?
  • Who are meddling with her legacy?
  • Who ‘owns’ Anne Frank?
  • Will she stay world famous?
The Anne Frank Phenomenon

Researcher: drs. David Barnouw
Duration: 2011-2012
Publication: Het fenomeen Anne Frank (Amsterdam; Prometheus / Bert Bakker 2012).

More information

Het fenomeen Anne Frank (The Anne Frank Phenomenon)  was published in the Netherlands In March 2012, followed by a second printing in June.

The book discusses the realisation of The Diary of Anne Frank, the stage adaptation and the movie. The attacks on the authenticity of her diaries, the appropriation of Anne Frank by different groups, the literary quality of the diary and the future of this phenomenon are all part of this study.

The author is looking for publishers in Germany and the United States.