Highlighted research

Creation of an efficient, publicly accessible and sustainable digital database of articles on war crimes in former Yugoslavia.

Map of Croatia

Researchers: Petra Links MA and dr. Elly Touwen-Bouwsma
Duration: 2006-2010
Publication: digital database
CooperationNederlands Helsinki Comité, Zagreb University

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For the transformation of Croatia into a peaceful, pluralist and democratic society, it is essential that Croatia gets to terms with its recent violent past.

Unhindered access to information about war crimes and about the prosecution and adjudication of these crimes is of great importance to this process of dealing with the past. Newspapers and magazines are a valuable source of information. However, due to the fact that these newspapers and magazines are archived in their paper format without being indexed, the retrieval of information from these sources is extremely time consuming.

The war crimes database that is currently being developed at the Law Faculty of Zagreb University aims to improve this situation by digitising and indexing these articles. However, at the moment this database cannot function as a public information service.