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The Encyclopedia project is part of the Historical Research Programme Japan and the Netherlands II.

It produced a multi-coloured standard reference work for a broad audience ranging from interested non-professionals to high school and graduate students, to scholars.

General editor: Peter Post
Editors: William H. Frederick, Iris Heidebrink, Shigeru Sato
Co-editors: William Bradley Horton,Didi Kwartanada
Assistant-editor: Yoko Hayashi
PublicationThe Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War (Leiden; Brill 2009)
Duration: 2004-2009

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Over the last decade NIOD has taken several initiatives to enhance communications between Japan, the Netherlands and Indonesia, and in particular between the academic communities in these three countries.

This has proven to be very successful. A number of researchers from different countries have embarked on new research pertaining to the political, socio-economic and cultural developments in Indonesia in and around the Second World War.

The continuation of this exchange of views and the development of new research areas is very important. Despite many new initiatives, there still was no international reference work on the history of Indonesia in the Pacific War. The Encyclopedia can fill this gap. More than sixty scholars representing different countries, disciplines and interpretations have written essays on the many-faceted aspects of the Japanese occupation.


In addition, the Encyclopedia contains a dictionary section with entries on persons, institutions, events and concepts in alphabetical order and it is richly illustrated.


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