Current research

The project Verrijkt Koninkrijk (Enriched Kingdom) aims to further improve the searchability of Loe de Jong’s work The Kingdom of the Netherlands during WWII.

This important series, published between 1969 and 1988, was commissioned by the minister of Education, Arts and Sciences in 1955. The fourteen volumes of the series continue to occupy a central place in the historiography about the Netherlands and the former colonies in the 20th century.

The entire academic edition has been digitised and made available through this website.

Loe de Jong with The Kingdom

Researchers: dr. Victor de Boer (VU), Lars Buitinck (UvA) , dr. Johan van Doornik (UvA), dr. Marjan Grootveld (DANS), Marc Kemps-Snijders (Meertens Institute), dr. Maarten Marx (UvA), Prof dr. Kees Ribbens (NIOD), drs. Tim Veken (NIOD)
Duration: 2012-2013
Cooperation: University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, DANS-KNAW, Meertens Institute