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This project was oriented toward the preservation of the genocide-related archives in Rwanda and toward making these more accessible. These archives are often assembled by various organizations and not yet transferred to an archival institution. The final report contains recommendations for the best strategy for, the preservation of these archives for future generations in Rwanda. Stemming from this research, a further study will arise to look into the possibilities for setting up a Genocide Documentation Centre in Rwanda. The feasibility study was initiated by Aegis Trust and was conducted by the NIOD in cooperation with employees from the Genocide Archive Rwanda.

ID-card in Ntarama Memorial Site

Researcher(s): Petra Links MA, drs. Puck Huitsing MCM, dr. Nanci Adler
Duration: augstus 2013-april 2014

More information:

Aegis Trust is a British NGO and works at, among other things, peace building and memorialization of the Rwandan genocide. In 2004, it opened a Genocide Memorial Centre in the Rwandan capitol, Kigali. One element of this Centre is the Genocide Archive Rwanda, which opened in 2010. This documentation centre houses, among others, an oral history collection comprising audiovisual witness accounts recorded by survivors of the genocide. 

In the summer of 2013, Aegis Trust and NIOD established a Memorandum of Understanding. Stemming from this, Aegis Trust has asked NIOD to serve in an advisory role to the Genocide Archive Rwanda in this feasibility study.