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The Srebrenica Archive aims to stimulate academic research into the war that followed after the breakup of Yugoslavia (1985-1995) and, in particular, research into the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. It is our ambition to do this by offering the public, through a central portal, public sources related to the Fall of Srebrenica.

Surivivors of the attack on Srebrenica arrive at a United Nations camp (Photo Ron Havi)

Researcher(s): Petra Links MA, drs. Anne Helfrich, dr. Nena Tromp
Duration: April 2013-August 2013

More information:

This proposal concerns a feasibility study into:

  • the needs among researchers with regard to content and functionality
  • the legal (im)possibilities of information re-use
  • the development of a technical design for a Srebrenica Archive.


Based on the results of this study we will write a project plan to raise funds to set up a Srebrenica Archive.