Current research

Within the NIOD research program on ‘liminal moments from peace to war’ several pilot projects have been identified as of mutual interest for KGU and NIOD. We will look at the content of and changes in public and political debate in moments of (threat of) war and violence.

Mobilisation Dutch Army (1939)

Researcher: dr. Ismee Tames, Prof. dr. Yasuto Nakano (Kwansei Gakuin University Hyogo)
Duration: 2015
Intended result: Building blocks for major grant application
Cooperation: Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) Hyogo, Japan

More information

In such liminal moments people realize that the world as they knew it disappears and a new era arrives. This unleashes emotions like fear and anger, but also hope and excitement.

Our project is based primarily on digitized and born digital sources (parliamentary proceedings and newspapers). Our aim is to gain new insights regarding questions like: How to define these liminal moments via f.i. sentiment analysis? What kind of war is referred to in public and political debates? Can we detect differences, changes and transfer between the Netherlands and Japan (Europe and Asia).