Highlighted research

Research into the purpose of and the role played by municipal governments in the German politics of Nazification of Dutch society.

Heinrich Himmler visits Amsterdam in May 1942 and greets Amsterdam mayor Voute

Researcher: prof. dr. Peter Romijn
Duration: 1997-2006

  • P. Romijn, Burgemeesters in oorlogstijd – besturen onder Duitse bezetting, monografie (Amsterdam; Uitgeverij Balans 2006).
  • P. Romijn, ‘Ambitions and Dilemmas of Local Authorities in the German Occupied Netherlands, 1940-1945’ in: Bruno DeWever, Herman van Goethem and Nico Wouters (eds.) Local Government in Occupied Europe (1939-1945) (Antwerp; 2006) pp. 33-66.