Current research

The PARTHENOS project aims at strengthening the cohesion of research in the broad sector of Linguistic Studies, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, History, Archaeology and related fields through a thematic cluster of European Research Infrastructures, integrating initiatives, e-infrastructures and other world-class infrastructures. PARTHENOS will build bridges between these different, although tightly, interrelated fields. PARTHENOS will achieve this objective through the definition and support of common standards, the coordination of joint activities, the harmonization of policy definition and implementation, and the development of pooled services and of shared solutions to the same problems.

PARTHENOS is funded by Horizon2020 of the European Commission.

Project leader: dr. Conny Kriste
: Petra Drenth MA, dr. Conny Kristel, Petra Links MA, Annelies van Nispen MA, dr. Reto Speck, Rosa van Tijn
Duration: 2015-2019
Cooperation: DARIAH (European Research Infrastructure for Digital Humanities); CLARIN (European Research Infrastructure for Language Studies); PIN Scrl, Italy (coordinator); KNAW, the Netherlands; Huma-Num CNRS, France; King’s College London, UK; UGOE-SUB, Germany; INRIA, France; Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; CSIC, Spain; OEAW, Austria; SISMEL, Italy; CNR, Italy; FORTH, Greece; MIBACT-ICCU, Italy; Academy of Athens, Greece.

More information

The PARTHENOS consortium is led by PIN Scrl - Educational and Scientific Services for the University of Florence in Italy, and is composed of 16 partners from 9 European countries, including two major European Research Infrastructures, DARIAH and CLARIN.

NIOD is involved in PARTHENOS as coordinator of the EHRI project and is leading Work Package 8 on Communication, dissemination and outreach, and participates in Work Package 2 Community involvement and requirements, where it leads the task on Definition of standardization requirements. NIOD also leads the Work Package 7 task Coordination and assessment of Trans-National Access.