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Research on the restitution process of looted Jewish insurance assets in the Netherlands.

A looted premises from Jewish owners around July 1944

Researcher: Regina Grüter
Publication: Strijd om gerechtigheid. Joodse verzekeringstegoeden en de Tweede Wereldoorlog (Amsterdam; 2015)

More information:

This study will be a continuation of the research into the restitution of Jewish assets on behalf of the Dutch gouverment commissions during 1997-2000. The research regarding the looting of the life assurances during the nazi occupation and the first fase of restitution (from 1945 till the end of the nineteen fifties) will be partly based on the Scholten Commission’s report (Life assurances, life annuities, pensions and funeral insurances) which was published in 1999. The perspective of the persecuted Jewish population during the occupation and the survivors after the war will be included.

The second fase of the restitution begins in 1997 and continues to the present. The research will focus on the role of the Dutch government, the activities of the Dutch Association of Insurers and the measures taken in order to restore the insurance policies that had not been paid out. This will include the agreement between the Dutch Association of Insurers and the Dutch Central Jewish Board of November 1999. Part of the agreement was the installation of the Sjoa Foundation for Individual Insurance Claims in order to assess applications for payment of Jewish life insurance policies, that had not been paid out during the first fase of restitution.  The study will also look into the role of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims and other activities in the United States concerning the issues of restitution of insurance policies.