Current research

The Internet is an important source of information for various groups of citizens. Wikipedia is one of the most frequently used websites, often visited as well for gathering historical information. This online encyclopedia, collectively written and edited by dedicated volunteers, offers a variety of information in various languages about World War II in general and on related specific themes such as resistance, persecution of the Jews and collaboration, and individual biographies. This project focuses on the supply and demand of this information.

Researcher: prof. dr. Kees Ribbens
Duration: 2015-2017
Intended publications: journal articles

More information:

The project ‘Wikipedia as a source of information about the Second World War' aims at making a comparative analysis of the most consulted entries about World War II in four Western languages. To that end, the most relevant WWII related topics will be identified and the extent of the digital use will be mapped in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation. Furthermore, the most important themes and issues will be surveyed as well as the developments in transnational WWII interest in recent years.