When you are conducting a research or study it is sometimes difficult to find your way. Below you will find some tips that can help you start your research at NIOD.

We advise you to do a preliminary online search through the sources available at our institute about the topic you are interested in. For some topics it might be better to conduct your research at other archives or research institutes. Visit Wegwijzer Archieven WO2 for an overview of the most important WW2 archives in the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our Q&A section for more information about a number of popular topics.

NIOD collections

You can browse all our collections on this website. But you can also browse separate collections. In addition, you can use the search functionality for specific collections. This functionality often offers more collection-specific search options. So for specific searches we advise you to use this functionality.

NIOD manages the following collections:

  • Library catalogue: this search functionality allows you to check which books and articles have been published about the topic you are interested in. The core of our library consists of publications about the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies during the Second World War. But we have a growing collection of books and magazines about extreme war violence and genocides in the 20th and 21st century. You can view the books or articles in our reading room. We do not lend out any material.
  • Clippings collection: another good starting point for research is our clippings collection which contains many newspaper and magazine articles about various topics and people.
  • Archive collection: for more in-depth research you may consult our archive collection. The inventories of the various archive collections can be searched digitally.
  • Image collection: the image collection can only be consulted digitally through Beeldbank WO2. You can also order images through this website. The option to search for names or surnames is limited at NIOD, as many of our archives and collections have not been disclosed by name due to the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).

Viewing sources

Published material (books, newspaper cuttings et cetera) can be viewed in our reading room. For some archive material this is more complicated, due to the protection of privacy of living persons. In some cases, you must obtain  written permission from our director. The inventories of our archive collections show, under the heading ‘access’ (openbaarheid) which possible viewing conditions apply for a specific archive collection. Read more about this in our Q&A sections.

Searching through digital sources

On the website of Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen you can search through many WW2 collections in the Netherlands.


Not all our material is mentioned on our website. Therefore, we advise you to enquire during your visit if there may be more information available about a specific topic. If you have questions about the availability and/or accessibility of our collections call the reading room at 020-5233800 or fill in the contact form.