Love Radio – Episodes of Love and Hate

After a history of gruesome killings, how can perpetrators and victims live with and love each other? This question, among others, is addressed by journalist and filmmaker Eefje Blankevoort and photographer Anoek Steketee in their interactive documentary project Love Radio – Episodes of love and hate.

Love Radio consists of a web documentary, tap stories for smartphones and an exhibition. It deals with the complex process of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda, based on the popular radio soap Musekeweya (‘New Dawn’). On the same frequency that in 1994 incited Hutu gangs to kill, Musekeweya today broadcasts a message of reconciliation, in an effort to prevent new outbreaks of violence. The soap is hugely popular, with an estimated 80% of the Rwandan population tuning in to the weekly episodes.

Love radio straddles the thin line between fact and fiction. At first glance it appears to tell the almost fairy-tale story of the radio soap, about a conflict between two fictional villages. A second layer, containing interviews with the makers and listeners of the soap, provides a look behind the scenes and shows the reality with which Rwandans are faced. While in the soap happy endings predominate, reconciliation in reality is rather more complex.

The documentary was launched on April 7th 2014, 20 years after the genocide, and unfolds in 7 episodes over the following 100 days. You can follow it on
Special tap stories combining words and images are released for smartphones.
Love Radio can be seen as an exhibition in Foam, Photography Museum Amsterdam, from 11/07 – 07/09 2014, and at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from 29/08.

Love Radio is a project by Eefje Blankevoort and Anoek Steketee, in collaboration with Sara Kolster, Kummer & Herrman and Foam. It is funded by Creative Industries Fund NL, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Foundation for Democracy and Media, SNS REAAL Fund, Sem Presser Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
Partners: Prospektor, SubmarineChannel, Foam, NIOD, Humanity House, 
Radio La Benevolencija.

© Anoek Steketee
Love Radio Prologue