Feasibility Study for a Genocide Documentation Centre in Rwanda

This project is oriented towards the preservation of the genocide-related archives in Rwanda and towards making these more accessible. These archives are kept by various organizations in Rwanda. In some cases these organisations have also shaped the archives The study will assess the feasibility of, and determine the best strategy for, the preservation of these archives for future generations in Rwanda but also to make them more accessible for research. Stemming from this research, a further study will arise to look into the possibilities for setting up a Genocide Documentation Centre in Rwanda.

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Transitional Justice Programme

The general goal of the NIOD-TJ programme is to contribute to understanding the aftermath of mass state-sponsored human rights violations in post-genocidal, post-conflict, and post-repressive societies.

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ID-card in Ntarama Memorial Site
Gacaca court in Rwanda (Kigali Genocide Memorial Archive)