PhD candidate
Transitional Justice, Soviet Union, Holocaust
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Anne-Lise (1989) is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and the NIOD Institute. Her research project titled Competing narratives of victimhood in the age of transitional justice: The history and memory of the terrorscape Maly Trostenets focuses on the history and memory of the terrorscape Maly Trostenets in Belarus and a number of Western European countries. The former kolkhoz and camp Maly Trostenets and two nearby forests just outside Minsk were used by the Soviets (1937-1941) to eliminate ‘enemies of the Soviet Union’, and by the Nazis (1942-1944) to murder partisans, POWs, Belarusian and Western-European Jews.

Prior to her research as PhD candidate Anne-Lise assisted dr. Karel Berkhoff at the NIOD with his research on Babi Yar, worked as educational officer and head of PR at the Dutch Resistance Museum and conducted research on Dutch prisoners in concentration camp Dachau for the project ‘Names not Numbers’.

In 2014 and 2016 Anne-Lise completed the master studies Eastern European Studies and German Studies at the University of Amsterdam. For one of her MA theses she investigated a small camp system that was created by the German Wehrmacht in March 1944 near the Belarusian village Ozarichi.