EHRI Project manager
History of punishment and criminal justice, the aftermath and impact of WWII in the Netherlands, public history, holocaust- and genocidestudies
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Elske Rotteveel (1991) has a BA in History and a Research Master in history from the University of Amsterdam. She wrote her MA thesis on reforms in Dutch prisons between 1947 and 1957. In 2015 she completed an internship at the Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Carribean Studies (KITLV) in Leiden, where she researched diaries written by Dutch soldiers involved in the decolonisation war in Indonesia, which were used for the Dutch publication Soldaat in Indonesië by Gert Oostindie. She also contributed to the research for the historical television programme Verborgen Verleden (the Dutch version of Who do you think you are?) as a research-intern. From August 2017 onwards Elske is project manager of EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure).