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Eva van Leeuwen, BA


My name is Eva van Leeuwen. I studied Cultural Heritage (HBO) at the Reinwardt Academy. My thesis was about the meaning of the Monument of Jewish Recognition in the context of the changing Dutch commemoration culture. Since September 2020 I have been working as a research assistant at NIOD. In addition, I recently became the volunteer project manager of the crowdsourcing project ‘Paper witnesses to looting and deprivation of rights', with the aim of making the Einzatsstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg archive more searchable.

Besides my work at NIOD, I am working on a podcast about my research on the Monument of Jewish Recognition. In the podcast, I use historical sources and interviews to explore the meaning of the Monument against the backdrop of the changing Dutch commemoration culture. The first episode of ‘Petrified Shame’ will be online in April 2021 and can be listened to through the usual podcast channels (Soundcloud, Spotify etc.).

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