Research assistant
Heritage and Remembrance WWII and Holocaust, Public History, Cultural History, especially in relation to Germany and Austria
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Johanna is working as a research assistant for the Project “Babyn Yar” of Dr. Karel Berkhoff at NIOD (Dutch Institute of War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies) since 2019.

Johanna, originally from Austria, did Language and Culture studies, specializing in political history and international relations (BA) and Cultural Science/History, specializing in WW2 and Public History at the University of Utrecht. Her master thesis compared the remembrance of the Second World War in Germany and Austria, on how their cultural differences and how the perceptions of the two countries after the war by the Allied forces influenced this development. Her example was the process of former concentration camps Dachau (D) and Mauthausen (AUT) becoming memorial centers.

In her free time, she does private research on Circus History. Being a performer and streettheaterartist herself, she wants to know the historical background of her Art.