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drs. Paul van de Water


As an external PhD student, I am doing doctoral research on violent collaborators during the occupation of the Netherlands. The research corpus consists of men who were not guilty of violence before the war but who radicalised during the occupation up to the level of extremist perpetrator. I focus on differences and similarities between violent collaborators in terms of background, behaviour and triggers for radicalisation. Are there any patterns? Moreover, I am investigating what the research corpus says about the quality of the Special Criminal Justice.

Reviewer for


Hoe twee jonge vrouwen vrijwillig kampbewaakster in Auschwitz werden ('How Two Young Women Voluntarily Became Camp Guards in Auschwitz'). In: Historisch Nieuwsblad 2018 - 11.

Pier Nobach, 'Volgepropt met nazi-ideeën, vriend van alles wat Duits was' ('Stuffed with Nazi Ideas, Friend of All Things German'). In:

Een nazi op zolder. ('A Nazi in the Attic'). In: Historisch Nieuwsblad (2020 - 4)

In dienst van de nazi's, Gewone mensen als gewelddadige collaborateurs ('In the Service of the Nazis, Ordinary People as Violent Collaborators') (Omniboek, April 2020)

Langs de lijn, Foute sporters in de Tweede Wereldoorlog ('On the Sidelines, Collaborator Sportspeople in the Second World War') (Omniboek, May 2021)

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