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prof. dr. Peter Romijn


I am Head of Research at NIOD and a part-time Professor of 20th Centrury History at the University of Amsterdam, with the History of Public Administration in Times of Crisis and War as my special subject. I focus on political transitions and the impact of war, mass violence and genocide on modern societies. Based on this specialism, I have been involved in a number of collaborative projects, including the critical volume 14 of De Jong's history of the Netherlands in the Second World War, NIOD's Srebrenica Report, and the Research Program 'Erfenissen van Collaboratie' ('Long-Lasting Legacies of Collaboration'). I am currently one of the researchers on the ODGOI programme.

I have been working at NIOD since 1985 and publish on the historiography of the Second World War, the political and social aspects of collaboration and war crimes (starting with my dissertation in 1989), the role of Dutch civil servants during the occupation (including 'Burgemeesters in Oorlogstijd' ('Mayors in Wartime') 2006) the life of the Jews in the Netherlands during the German occupation and the persecution of the Jews, the fall of the Srebrenica 'Safe Area' in 1995, the struggle for legitimacy of authority in Nazi-controlled Europe', and the Indonesian war of independence. My most recent publication stems from my long-term project 'de Lange Tweede Wereldoorlog' ('The Long Second World War') (2020). I am a Professor of History at UvA, and was a Visiting Professor at several Universities Abroad (New York University and Columbia University, Froedrich Schiller University Jena). I supervised numerous PhD theses.

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