Senior Researcher
Holocaust spoliation and redress; the dynamics of (bureaucratic) systems and their individual and collective effects during WWII and the post war period; collective and individual memory; history of the Netherlands Red Cross and the Information Bureau.
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Dr. Regina Grüter (1953) studied modern history at Leiden University, and followed a post MA curriculum in psychology. In her PhD research she analysed the Weinreb affairs for which she recieved the dr. Loe de Jong award. As a senior researcher for the Supervisory Committee on the Investigation of WW II Financial Assets in the Netherlands she wrote the gouvernment report on the restitution of looted assurances and pensions of the persecuted Jews in the Netherlands. From 2000-2002 she was head of the verification team of the Maror Foundation, and from 2003-2012 manager of the WW II Research and Archives Unit of the Netherlands Red Cross (the former Information Bureau). In 2010 she was an expert witness in the Iwan Demjanjuk trial in München.

In her research at the NIOD she will prepare a monograph based on the Scholten Report, and a history of the Netherlands Red Cross during the German occupation of the Netherlands. She writes both for a wider audience and an academic public; articles include post war assurance restitution, individual case studies of the WW II aftermath in the former Netherlands East Indies, and the Netherlands Red Cross.

DissertationEen fantast schrijft geschiedenis. De affaires rond Friedrich Weinreb (Amsterdam; 1997).