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Stephanie Welvaart, MSc


Stephanie is an assistant in the Getuigen & Tijdgenoten ('Witnesses & Contemporaries') project, which collects personal memories and first-person documents of people who witnessed the Indonesian war of Independence. This project is part of the research programme 'Onafhankelijkheid, dekolonisatie, geweld en oorlog in Indonesië 1945-1950' ('Independence, decolonization, Violence and War in Indonesia 1945-1950').

Stephanie has a background in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology. Her master's thesis in Sociology, Social Policy and Social Problems concerned the use of ethnic categorisation within social policy. She has a background in developing and implementing educational projects on various social themes, including human rights/children's rights, citizenship and sexual diversity and resilience. In addition to her work at NIOD, she consults and facilitates in support of various (social) initiatives that focus on issues such as self-determination, personal and community development and the decolonization of archives.

Amongst other publications, she contributed to the Yearbook of Women's History #39 “Gendered Empire” with the article: “Violence in the making, representations of Indonesian women in Dutch testimonies on the Indonesian War of Independence” and the “Future beyond Shell” initiative with the article: “The birth of a colonial player”.

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