What you may expect with regard to our services can be found in our Terms of Service.


At NIOD you can make your own photo copies or ask us to do it for you. Below is an overview of the conditions.


  • Books and periodicals; in case of published materials visitors are allowed to make copies themselves without permission, with the exception of vulnerable materials.
  • Archival materials; for every copy permission should be obtained from NIOD staff. Depending on the condition of the document, the Archive Law and the Law for Protection of Personal Data our staff will decide to grant permission or not. Archive documents are always copied by staff.
  • Photographing in the reading room; the use of (digital) cameras is only allowed after permission has been obtained from NIOD staff. Also in this case the staff member will act in accordance with the Archive Law and the Law for Protection of Personal Data. If permission is granted you are allowed to photograph the documents yourself in the photocopying room.

Requests for information

In principle, a request for information by letter or email will be answered within three weeks. When making enquiries by phone you will be put through to the service staff. When they are not available, we will return your call as soon as possible.

Not all questions can be answered in writing. There is always a possibility that in order to answer your question you will be invited to come and visit the reading room or that you are referred to another organisation. If answering your question requires an in-depth research of our staff, we will have to charge you for the costs involved. Our regular research fee is € 25.00 for 30 minutes.

We will make an estimate of the costs involved and send a proposal to the questioner. If the questioner does not confirm the assignment within two weeks, it will be cancelled. If the questioner agrees with the proposal in principle NIOD will provide the results within three weeks' time. Although our staff will perform the research thoroughly we cannot garantee that our collections will provide any relevant data. The invoice will be send after the research has been finished.


NIOD services are in most cases free of charge. Visiting the reading room does not involve any costs. Also questions by mail or email that can be answered quickly are free of charge. For making copies and sending them by mail and research assignments visitors will be charged for the costs involved.

Copying costs

Copy cards (self service, only in case of published materials)

  • 5 copies - 1.00 €
  • 10 copies - 2.00 €
  • 50 copies - 10.00 €
  • 100 copies - 20.00 €

Copies of archival documents

€ 0.50 per copy (no self service)

Research assignment

€ 25.00 per 30 minutes

Comments or complaints

If you have a suggestion to improve our services or a complaint contact us by filling out the contact form.