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'Genocide getekend'

The publication of Art Spiegelman's graphic novel Maus marked the beginning of a new historiograp

Dutch Antisemitism

Jews have a long history of being represented as the quintessential ‘Other’.

First Lecture on Fascism

Professor Nigel Copsey gave the First Lecture on Fascism entitled ”Fascism…but with an open mind.” Reflections on the Contemporary Far Right in (Western) Europe on the 25th of April.

Legacies of the Gulag and the Memory of Stalinism

The NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust and Genocide Studies organised, in cooperation with the Un

Nazis in the Netherlands

The PhD-thesis of Josje Damsma, Nazis in the Netherlands. A social history of National Socialist collaborators, 1940-1945 is now digitally available on the NIOD website.

Rape. Sexual violence in the age of genocide

The NIOD film symposium ‘Rape. Sexual violence in the age of genocide’ highlighted the different appearances of sexual violence in war and genocide in film, lectures and discussions.

Roads to Justice 2014

From February until May 2014 the second edition of Roads to Justice takes place.

Roads to Justice series 2015

The NIOD and various partners organise the film, debate and lecture series 'Roads to Justice' fro

Rwanda, 20 years after the genocide.

On April 6 2014 it has been 20 years since the start of the Rwandan genocide.

Srebrenica report

In November 1996, NIOD Institute for War-, Holocaust- and Genocide Studies received a mandate fro

The Cambodian Genocide

In April 1975 the Khmer rouge seized power in Cambodia. This communist regime lead by Pol Pot is known for the genocide that happened during their reign of 1975-1979. This regime would take 1,7 million lives.
In this special background information.

Holocaust and other genocides

This guidebook offers concise information about five 20th-century cases of genocide and the response of international justice. Based on the most recent literature Holocaust and other genocides is an indispensable work offering new insight in the processes of genocide.