Teaching material

De Armeense genocide 1915

Teaching material

It is sometimes said that Hitler followed the example of the Armenian genocide. In 1939, before Hitler gave his army the command to occupy Poland, he would have told his generals: ‘Who talks nowadays about the extermination of the Armenians?’

The genocide on the Armenians is still often persistently denied. Not many students know that more than one million Armenians were murdered in the Ottoman Empire, during the First World War.

For Holocaust Memorial Day, teachers and NIOD researchers developed three lessons about the Armenian genocide. The aim of the lessons is to give students a broader historical perspective on the concept of genocide in general and the Armenian genocide in particular. The lessons are suitable for students age 15-18.

The following teaching material is available:

  • A teachers manual. The manual consist of a description of the lesson design. The manual also contains a number of attachments.
  • A PowerPoint presentation for each lesson. Can be used by the teacher.
  • Assignments for the students
  • Index of sources. Students need to use these primary sources for the assignments.